ADWV Smart Ultrasonic Pre-Paid / Valve Controlled Watermeter

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  • Varients
  • Communication
  • Mode of Power Supply
  • Valve Power Supply

This combination does not exist.

Additional Mandatory Accessories required (Not Included in this pack): Optical Cable to configure the meter

ADWV combines the characteristics of industrial products and artworks, and is practical, attractive, precise and durable. The ADWV has proven to be a reliable, fully mature breakthrough product in precision measurement and valve control.

In addition, the special compact design does completely assure the quality of water-proof protection. This proof is guaranteed even if it is installed under water in a long time. Moreover, the core engineering concept of ADWV aims at cutting down the budget on overall operating costs from remote meter readings. It also helps utility enhance its cash flow by collection of none-revenue-water (NRW).