Warranty Terms

Enthu Tech provides quality assurance for purchased devices for 12 months from the date of delivery. The warranty is limited to the warranty period established for the devices due to the manufacturer's fault or obvious defects.

Exceptions and cases not covered by warranty:

            Devices or their parts (enclosures, wires, seal, etc.) are mechanically damaged.

            Improper installation, maintenance, and operation in accordance with conditions specified in the product user guide.

            Electronics parts damaged because of the water logging. Waterlogged inside the device (the device was flooded)

            Devices were remodelled, changed, or repaired by persons not authorized by Enthu Tech.

            Devices damaged because of high electricity surge (this is not applicable for battery devices)

            Devices damaged because of external sensor / external product fault / faulty connections.

            Any damages because of the logistics company/shipping process are not covered.

            Any other Physical damages on the product are not covered.

            For Water Meters, Installation without filters at the inlet and installation of Water meter in impure water are not covered.

Return of warranty devices

            In the case of faulty devices, it is necessary to inform Enthu Tech Technical Support Department by e-mail iotsupport@enthutech.in 

            Technical Support Team will give Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) after analyzing the device functionality. 

            When returning devices, the Customer shall clearly indicate the fault or other reason. If detailed information is not provided, device failure  analysis and repair may take time.

            Technical Support Department checks if the information provided is correct and the corresponding Serial Number.

            Devices for rework should be shipped only with a registered RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). Return only devices that are specified in RMA. Received devices without a registered RMA will not be considered returns and the same will be returned back to the Customer.

            When returning devices, the Customer should send all the accessories along with the main product without any physical damage. And the device/accessories with any physical damage is not considered as per the return policy.

            Devices for warranty repair must be provided by the manufacturers or in equivalent safety packaging, preventing physical damage that may affect the condition of the device.

            Product warranty could be claimed only after the Enthu Tech team inspects the devices in the factory. Hot replacements could not be possible without completing the inspection process on the faulted product.

            Upon receipt, devices will be checked by technical personnel, to confirm the fault described by Customer in 1-2 working days and determine whether devices comply with warranty conditions.

            If Stock is available for that returned product, Return Shipment will be sent to the customer with the same priority plan chosen during the actual order.

            If stock is not available, the customer should wait until the next stock arrives or if possible, we can repair and send the product. Lead time can be conveyed to customers on a time-to-time basis.

            Any associated shipping cost for returning the product from the Customer to Enthu Tech or vice versa is in the scope of the Customer.

        Devices with RMA should be shipped to:

        Enthu Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd

        Plot No: 32, P.M.R Layout, 5th Street, Block - B,

        Deepa Mill Road, Goldwins, Civil Aerodrome Post,

        Coimbatore 641014

        Tamil Nadu TN


Annual maintenance contract policy

            AMC cost is 15% of the product unit cost.

            AMC is applicable only to free up the repair service charges, if any parts are to be replaced then the respective cost will be applicable extra.

            If repair is not possible then the faulty product will be returned to the customer. Then, the Customer needs to purchase a new product again if required.

            No replacement of Faulty devices during the AMC Period.

            AMC needs to be availed within 12 months of product shipment.

            Battery is not covered under the AMC. 

            AMC needs to be availed for the whole batch of Invoice units. 

            AMC is eligible only when the order value of a Single Invoice exceeds 3 Lakhs.

            AMC could not be availed once the product lifetime is completed 5 years.

             All Other above-mentioned default warranty terms are applicable during the AMC period also.

Online Technical Support

            Customer shall raise IoT support ticket  https://www.enthutech.in/support  for any queries on the product purchased. Before raising a ticket kindly ensure to go through the complete user manual document of that product available in our online store. 

             Details required to be submitted for support,

                                Invoice Copy

                                Actual deployment/ testing pictures

                                Diagnosis is done by the customer

                                Observed fault

            The support tickets raised during business hours (10 AM to 6 PM) will be attended to within 4 hours. 

            All supports limited to the user manual will be free of cost.

            If the customer wants to integrate our product with any of their Sensors / Devices which is not mentioned in the user manual are out of the free support scope and we can support them on a consultancy chargeable basis.

        -  Support matrix

            First level: IoT support ticket  https://www.enthutech.in/support

            Second Level: IoT Support Team –  iotsupport@enthutech.in

            Third Level Team:  coreteam@enthutech.in