EMS Products

We offer a full range of electronic assembly services right from prototyping to full-fledged production depending on the type of requirements from our customers.

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PCB Products

We offer world-class PCB products that are reliable and sustainable for versatile applications - ranging from low to high-frequency requirements, flex PCB (assembly) and rigid PCB (prototype and assembly) boards, and 2-layer circuits(prototype). Our uncompromising product quality enhances our customers' business value chain.

PCBMATE® - COPPERCAM (global s/w) - licensed G-Code generating software i/p to generate gerber to G-Code - COPPERCAM is used G-Code is given as an input to MACH3 Mill - s/w to run the PCB product

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SMT Products

We offer well-designed and resilient SMT products that are economical and compatible with our customer's requirements, we ensure that our products are rigid, stable, and enduring for all your business needs.

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