Who We Are

Enthu Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd-Coimbatore is formed by a group of young professionals in the year 2007. And growing exponentially over the years. EnthuTech provides solutions for various real-world problems with our in-house manufacturing facility.  

What We Do

We are the LoRaWAN® based product developer for various applications. We have in house EMS facility for Product Manufacturing. Along with that we are distributing various LoRaWAN® Products. And also System Integrator with the various Network provider. 


EnthuTech Products are unique and meet the needs and desires of customer expectations. Products like PCBMATE, SMTMATE, ETS IoT, akvodrops are the registered Trademark Product of ours. All our products have dedicated Technical support Teams to help our customers. 


Enthu collaboratively works with its partners to promote industry-leading products like MATLAB. Also, We are the sole authorized distributor and Technical support provider of Dragino LoRa® Products in India along with Ursalink and TTN Products.


Enthu Tech (ISO Certified EMS Company) started in 2007 focusing on PCB Prototype development and Assembly facility in Coimbatore plant on a concept to product development. We have a full range of electronic assembly services from PCB prototype to production level depending on the type of assembly requirement from the customers.

Also, we are One STOP service provider for end-end product development like PCB Design, Prototype Development, Fabrication, BOM Procurement, Assembly, PCB testing, and Embedded Development (Software and Firmware).

We have established FAB Labs across PAN India in most of the IIT's, NIT’s, DRDO Labs, Corporate Sector, and major Engineering Colleges. Our in house engineering teams support each step of the manufacturing process and training services to customers.


IoT Products :  We are majorly into the field of LoRaWAN® IoT, having different product variants to meet the needs of various customers. We are providing the best in class support for all our products with a dedicated support team.  

IoT Solutions:  We are also having Various ready to deploy End to End IoT Solutions to take up the business needs in an immediate way. We are the one-stop service provider for IoT. 

IoT Consultancy:  We are having well equipped and Technically strong team to take up your idea for developing new products and solutions.

Enthu Academic Solutions

Enthu Academic Solutions (EAS) is an academic division of Enthu Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. Our main focus is towards implementing Project-based learning in Educational Institutions by developing Student skills, enhancing faculty knowledge on Latest Technology, and establishing Modern Industrial grade Laboratories with smart campus Infrastructure.

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