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Woltman Type Water Meter
(With Pulse O/P)

Make : EnthuTech
Brand: akvodrops
Model: AD-WWM

Product Overview:

Woltman Type Water Meter with Pulse Output, the epitome of precision and efficiency in water measurement. Engineered for accuracy, this meter delivers reliable readings for commercial and industrial applications. Its pulse output feature enables seamless integration with monitoring systems, facilitating real-time data analysis and management. With a robust design built to withstand varying environmental conditions, it ensures longevity and minimal maintenance requirements. Trust in its excellence for precise water monitoring and control. Upgrade to our Woltman Type Water Meter with Pulse Output and experience unmatched performance in water management.

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Reed Sensors:

The reed sensor is designed as a potential-free normally open contact.It is closed with a frequency proportional to the flow rate by a serially
integrated magnet within the counter and open itself automatically again. Typical pulse values are 10 L/P and 100 L/P depending on meter
size and mounting position. The reed sensor does not require its own power supply and is therefore the ideal partner for all electronic devices which run on batteries.

Salient Features:

o Woltman Type Water Meter with Pulse Output
o Pulse value: 10 L/P and 100 L/P
o Precision Measurement
o Extra Dry Dial
o Analog Display
o Inline Type
o Hermetically sealed register ensures that all internal
   parts are clean and prevents fogging throughout the
   entire lifetime of the meter.
o Graded cast iron body to pass the strongest resistance
   tests in both static and dynamic conditions.
o High-quality engineered materials for hydraulics and
   register pivots ensure high reliability and durability.
o Shock-resistant material for register and closure.
o High-performance magnetic transmission ensures no
   part of the register is in contact with water.
o Interchangeable spare parts for easy maintenance.
o High sensitivity, low-pressure loss
o Meters with pulse output available on request.
o Available for both cold and hot water.
o Strainers are required for better performance.
o Meter IP Rating: IP68

Accuracy & Class:

o Accuracy: ± 2%
o Accuracy Class: Class B

Size Range:

o 40mm (1-1/2") to 500mm (20")

Operating Conditions:

o Water In-Line Temperature for cold: < 45⁰ C
o Water In-Line Temperature for Hot: < 90⁰C
o Working Temperature 0°C to 60°C
o Working Humidity: 5 to 95% Non-condensing
o Working Pressure: <16 bar/ 1.6MPa
o ΔP < 0.1 MPa

Certifications & Complainces:

o ISO 4064
o IS779:1994 (In Progress)
o ISO/IEC 17025:2017
o 100% of the products are calibrated and all calibration
    results can be provided on request.


o Industries use
o Agriculture applications
o Water supply networks

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All meters are covered under warranty against any manufacturing detect tor a period of 12 months from date of supply, provided the meter has not been misused. damaged, installed tor services it is not recommended, or the seal has been tempered With. The company shall be liable to furnish part' parts thereof or full water meter as the company may deem fit.
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