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COVID 19- A Global Pandemic taught the Importance of Maintaining Social Distancing in Public and Private Gatherings like Malls, Banks, Temples, Bus stands, Airports, Railway Stations, Govt Offices, etc., As per WHO advice 1 Meter or 3 Feet distance is mandatory to maintain to avoid any Community Virus Spread. It is difficult to Monitor and Alert across locations by deploying Resources. We are proposing an AI-Based Smart Surveillance Device to Monitor and Alert.

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Physical Distance Monitoring

At a Regular Interval the device Captures the Scene and calculate the number of people gathered in front of Stores, Counters or Receptions and Measure the Physical Distance from everyone to others.

Intelligent PA System to Announce and Guide Public

Physical Distance Violation will be alerted over Voice with Required Languages and Required Voice Content.

Backend Data Collection and Alerts to Authorities

The Data Collected Over the cloud will help to analyze the Pattern of People Not Maintaining Physical Distance and their adoption curve. For the authorities to get a Crowd data Patterns as well as plan for necessary notifications.

Data Visualization
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