Reflow Oven - YX 1230

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Reflow Oven -YX 1230
The YX 1230 is a Micro-processor controlled reflow oven. The device is powered by standard three-phase 440v AC 50Hz. User interface is implemented by way of Touch Screen. Pre-set heating modes are selected by user interaction with thermal cycle progress. This self-contained reflow station allows safe soldering techniques and the manipulation of SMD/BAG and other small electronic parts mounted on a PCB assembly. It may be used to automatically "reflow" solder to correct bad solder joints, remove/replace bad components and complete small engineering models or prototypes. A windowed drawer is designed to hold the work-piece. Thermal cycle accuracy is maintained by closed-loop micro-computer control with infrared heaters, thermocouple and circulating air. It is simple to use, the soldering process is completely automatic defined by pre-defined thermal cycles.