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LoRaWAN Gateway

Make : EnthuTech
Brand: ETS IoT
Model: ETS IoT - LOG

Product Overview:

The ETS IoT – LOG is a LoRaWAN Gateway. It lets you bridge the LoRaWAN wireless network to an IP network via WiFi, Ethernet (or) Cellular Network (via Optional 4G module). MIMO technology meets
demands for data rate and link reliability in modem wireless communication systems.

ETS IoT - LOG includes a built-in LoRaWAN Server and IoT server, User can connect various LoRaWAN devices to ETS IoT – LOG via LoRaWAN
wireless connectivity and locally store the data in Modbus Register. This act as a Modbus Slave to connect with PLC/HMI/SCADA to access these stored data via the RS485 Modbus network. ETS IoT - LOG supports remote management. System Integrator can easily remotely monitor the LoRaWAN gateway and maintain it.

ETS IoT – LOG can be optional to power with direct 230VAC with or
without Battery Backup, (or) this can also be powered with Solar
Panel with Battery Backup based on field level requirements. Image
shown is with Battery and based on requirements the product image
can vary.

Download Specification

Salient Features:

o Open Source Debian system
o Managed by Web GUI, SSH via WAN or WiFi
o Remote Management
o Remote Management
o Auto-provisioning for batch deployment and
o 10 programmable parallel demodulation paths
o Different kinds of LoRaWAN Connections such as:
    • Semtech UDP Packet Forwarder
    • LoRaWAN Basic Station
    • ChirpStack-Gateway-Bridge (MQTT)
o Built-in ChirpStack local LoRaWAN server
o Built-in Node-Red local Application server
o Act as Modbus Slave mode


o Smart Buildings & Home Automation
o Smart Metering
o Smart Agriculture
o Smart Cities
o Smart Factory

Hardware Specifications:

o CPU: Quad-core Cortex-A7 1.2Ghz
o RAM: 512MB
o eMMC: 4GB
o 10M/100M RJ45 Ports x 1
o WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
o Cellular 4G LTE Standard Sim Slot Module x 1
o USB 2.0 host connector x 1
o Mini-PCI E connector x 1
o RS485 Interface x 1
o RS232 Interface x 1

Power Supply Provisions (Optional to Select):

o Solar panel + 6000mAh Li-Ion battery
o 230VAC Power with/ without 6000mAh Li-Ion Battery

Operating Temperature Ratings:

o Operating Temperature: -20 ~ 70°C


o Can be provided on request

Product Certification and Compliances::

o WPC, CE, IEC 61131-3:2013, IEC 61131-5:2013,
    ISO/IEC 14882:1998, ISO/IEC 17025:2017