Make your Institute LoRaWAN® Enabled

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  LoRaWAN® Infrastructure

LoRaWAN® Infrastructure will enable your campus completely enabled with LoRaWAN® Coverage installed with dedicated LoRaWAN® Network Server for your Institution. This helps to develop LoRaWAN® use-cases and include a hands-on curriculum for students or professionals to learn about the LoRaWAN® open specification from the developers of LoRa® and the ecosystem that scaled its international adoption. LoRaWAN® is a widely adopted, standardized specification based on LoRa® Technology that is the leading low power wide area network (LPWAN) technology for wireless IoT networks worldwide. This also includes a Skill enhancement training program for budding engineers and Entrepreneurs.
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LoRaWAN® is the future of IoT field where LoRaWAN® technology is already well established in so many countries like Switzerland, Netherland, Germany, etc., The below figures clearly shows the deployment of open source Gateway aggregates in various countries and also in India, many companies started implementing the gateway, and LoRa® IoT is the future of IoT Industries in India.

In the last few years, many start-up are coming up in the field of LoRaWAN® Technology. This clearly shows the big opening for the student community in the field of IoT as an employee and also as an entrepreneur. Even Various State Governments already came forward in releasing tenders on LoRaWAN® based applications for the smart city. And this will become the future technology in the next decade.

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Hardware Specifications
Server Computer Doc   |   pdf
ETS IoT Network & Application Server with Mobile Application Doc   |   pdf
Outdoor Gateway based on LoRaWAN® View Details   |   Doc   |   Pdf
Devices based on LoRaWAN® View Details

Student Benefit

Create Globally Challenging Students

Knowledge Development

Acquire theoretical and  practical knowledge of LoRaWAN® Technology

Industry Ready Engineers

Ready to work with Industrial applications

Become Entrepreneurs

Easily become an entrepreneur in the emerging field of LoRaWAN®

Faculty Benefit

Create Technically Sound Faculties

Research & Development

Do R&D work in new LoRaWAN® Emerging Technology

Technically Enhanced

Enhance Technically with new emerging Technology to guide students

Consultancy Works

Can collaboratively do various Consultancy projects with Industries and start-ups for Knowledge enhancement and fund generation

Company team

Campus-wide LoRaWAN® Network coverage

Company team

Get collaboration with various start-up companies to work on various current ongoing projects  

Company team

Facilitate student to test real-time LoRaWAN® applications in their campus

Company team

Conduct LoRaWAN® Project Live Demonstration and contest for students from various colleges


Support from EAS

  • Syllabus / Curriculum development
  • Reference Materials & Hardware Supply
  • Faculty & Student Skill Development Program
  • EAS Certified Training Institute

Ongoing LoRaWAN® Projects

  • Smart Water/Energy/Gas Metering for Villas & Apartments
  • Smart Street Light system & Car Parking
  • Smart Environmental Monitoring & Smart Waste Management
  • Precision Agriculture & Insect Farming