Internet of Things is the future of a world where billions of devices were already connected and thereby it’s the next level of connecting things in the world together. As considered in this decade the growth of IoT and its market is very huge for job openings and to become an entrepreneur. Enthu Technology Solutions is one of the top IoT companies in India working on IoT projects. As we have developed so many IoT Products for various use cases like Precision Agriculture, Farming automation, Smart bins, Smart Ad-Display, Smart Plug, and many more. We are also an end to end solution developer was the one-stop solution for all your thoughts can be satisfied.

We have established IoT Laboratory in various prestigious Institutes across PAN India. This helps them to develop knowledge on IoT with real-time projects and make them unique among others. Our Products are user friendly in learning and creating new models.

To learn and Implement IoT in Real Field applications, they should develop their knowledge in various Embedded and Wireless Communication Protocols. This makes them for doing an advanced level of projects in the field of IoT. A few of the important Serial Communication Protocols in Embedded System are I2C, SPI, UART, RS232, and RS485 Interfaces. In the case of Wireless Communication Protocols, Bluetooth, BLE, Wifi, Zigbee, LoRa®, LoRaWAN®, NB-IoT, and Sigfox are the most widely used technologies in the world of IoT.

Programming is most important in developing new products with their innovative thoughts and ideas. In Industries, most of the product development was based on Python or Embedded C Programming with different IDE.

Hardware Specification
ETS IoT Kit with Sensor bundle pack
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IoT Kit based on LoRaWAN®
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Zigbee Development Kit View Details   |   Doc   |   Pdf
Bluetooth Low Energy Development Kit
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Sensor Node based on LoRaWAN®
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Development Board based on LoRaWAN®
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IO Controller based on LoRaWAN®
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Modbus to LoRaWAN® Converter
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Multichannel Indoor Gateway based on LoRaWAN®
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ETS IoT Cloud Platform
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Want to Establish IoT Laboratory in your Institute

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