Collecting real-time data to inform intelligent on-farm decisions and enhance supply chain visibility 

How does Smart Poultry Management Solution work?

Smart Poultry Nodes

Real-time data is collected reliably through proven IoT hardware


The gateway collates real-time data and shares this information via the cloud application

Poultry Dashboard

Data is displayed visually in The ThingsMate Server with artificial intelligence designed to help provide insights and learnings from the data and analytics

The Smart Poultry Management Technology

The Hardware Solutions

Capturing Real-time data…

Temperature & Humidity Sense Node

A market-leading, wireless, battery-powered sensor able to provide temperature and humidity data

Water Sense Node

An ultrasonic water meter for precise recording of water consumption in all systems 

Weigh Sense Node

A wireless, portable floor mounted weighing Device that is converted to LoRaWAN enabled providing accurate real-time bird weights

Energy Sense Node

A Wireless device that monitors the energy consumption of your devices like Chillers, Motors, Incubators, Total Energy for the Plant.

Indoor Air Quality Sense Node

A next-generation, low-cost battery-powered wireless sensor able to measure various environmental parameters such as TVOC(Total Volatile Organic Compound), eCO2(equivalent CO2), temperature and relative air humidity

The Software Solutions

Providing Real-time data and sense analytics…


A cost-effective, long-range connectivity solution transmitting real-time data

The Network

A long-range wide area network providing a cost-effective, secure, low power solution for wirelessly connecting gateways and devices securely

Online Monitoring Platform

This platform showcases real-time data visually offering live, valuable insights through learning algorithms and generate Reports.

Mobile Platform

This platform showcases real-time data visually offering live via Android / iOs Mobile to access Remotely .

Sense Analytics

Communicating vet interpreted data, delivering a complete insight-based solution to farmers and the supply chain to help inform decision making .

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LoRaWAN v1.0.2 Class A protocol

Available Frequency Bands



Remote Configuration

Remote configure parameters via LoRaWAN Downlink

Battery Powered

Built-in 2400mAh battery for more than 10-year use


Built-in Temperature & Humidity sensor with Optional External Sensors

Alerts & Notifications

IoT technology is designed to send an immediate alert by SMS when an anomaly is detected inside your farm.

Record Data 

3200 data records with date time which can be retrieved for further analyze


FCC & RoHS Certified Device