akvodrops - Ultrasonic Watermeter - ADWIG based on LoRaWAN®

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ADW IG series launched by ENTHU combines years’ experience in metering research and development, adopting state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated production. It has been proven that ADWIG is reliable and absolute matured achievement in high accuracy measurement. In which ADW-IG is designed with single (ADW-IG -S) and multiple (ADW-IG -M) ultrasound principle to match various demands. In addition, the special compact design does completely assure the quality of water-proof protection. The accuracy is guaranteed even if it is installed under water in a long time. Moreover, the core engineering concept of ADW-IG aims at cutting down the budget on overall operating costs from remote meter readings (AMR). 

No Moving Parts, high accuracy for years’ long:

ADW IG offering none moving components in flow sensor, avoid long term abrasion of mechanical parts which may result to inaccuracy measurement and failure of meter. Such design is also resistant to impurities, therefore no-inspections and maintenance cost-free.

AMR Ready (wired & wireless):

ADW-IG series support multiple communication interfaces for both wired and wireless which suitable for any type of installation environment, e.g. MBus, RS485 (Modbus), Pulse, LoRaWAN® (868MHz, 915MHz, 923MHz), NB, Sigfox, etc. 

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