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Enthu Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd is now a Authorzied Channel Partner in India for Exclusive Solutions Offered by "TataTeleServices". Below are different Services Offered from Tata Teleservices and offered through Enthu Tech.

      § IOT Solutions: School Bus Tracking , Fleet Tracking, Asset Tracking, Workforce Tracking solution

      §  Collaboration: Audio Conferencing, Web conferencing 

      §  Cloud : CRM, Cloud Storage, Private Cloud (TCS IZO, Microsoft Azure) 

      §  SaaS: Document Management System, CRM, Office 365 (TCS iON, ZOHO) 

      §  Marketing Solutions: Live Chat, Digital Survey


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PCB Design Services


Schemetic to PCB!! 

ETS-is an industry leader in high quality PCB Design and turnkey electronic engineering offering the very best service at competitive prices. Our team has got strong skills in Industrial Standared Design tools and support our customer in optimum design.

Product Design Consultancy

Product Design Consultancy is a Major Wing under ETS Verticals with dedicated and experienced professionals in Design,Development,Testing and Marketing domains.  Most of our customer ideas are supported upto POC(Proof-of-Concept) and Production Level.

Completed/Ongoing Projects:

1.Smart Charity Box

2.Smart Ad-Display

3.Wireless Substaion Monitoring

4.Smart Home

5.Smart Bins


Software/Hardware Distributor

ETS- being a Value Added Partner with Many Software,Hardware,PCB Assembly/Fabrication Industries and reaching their products to  Industrial and Academic Customers across the Country. Our Customers and Partners are rejoicing our Support on thier Products we distribute.

Our Partners:

Mathworks India Pvt Ltd




Design Tech Systems

Galore Systems




Enthu Academy

Enthu Academy

Explore – Practice – make

Enthu Academy is a training division of Enthu Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. is a hub for industrial and Academic professionals to gain knowledge on latest technologies and meet the industry expectations. All training/Internship programs are designed by industry experts mainly focuses on Hands-On experience to the participants. As an agile company we would like to make all our participants to understand the importance of being agile and “Team-First” concept hence this whole program designed to work as a Team which enables the whole program as an “Interact-Learn”. Our moto is to make participants technology know-how person with lots of Hands-On sessions and practical exposure to Real time problems and its solutions.


Our Product Development team Plays a Major role in Enthu Academy in terms of Imparting knowledge on the real world Problems and Solutions  with their experiences.


  • NSIC Certificate 
  • Designed and delivered by Industry experts.
  • Hands-On sessions from basics to advanced level
  • Hands-On sessions with various real-time applications for the respective domain
  • Each day Do-It-Yourself(DIY) session enables participants an “Tech-Geek”
  • Industry standard certificates
  • “Interact-Learn” methodology
  • Career guidance sessions on the respective domain
  • Designed with Agile methodology sessions
  • Reward sessions at the end of program

ETS-University Program

Partnership Objective:

Enthu Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., is looking for Training partners with various Academic Institutions in the mutual benefit of both your Institution as well as our Organization, which also helps students to get ready for industry standard.

Benefits to your Institution:

  • We can sponsor a Laboratory as center of Excellence to engage the students in current technology.
  • Opportunity to upgrade the infrastructure in DSP, VLSI, IoT, LoRa, PCB and other information technology - related domains.
  • Opportunity to collaborate with the industry for research programme, consultancy projects and student internships in the above fields.
  • Faculty development programs for teaching staff and advanced industrial training to students as per current technology.
  • We also supports the Institution in morden Curriculam Development and execution based on the current industry standard which improve the marketability of students and also Strengthening of the brand equity of the institution.
  • We support the faculties of your institution to get idea for applying funding projects based on current need.
  • We also provide Industrial Vist to students for the better understanding of the current industry process.

Benefit to Enthu Tech:

  • Institute have to Sign MoU for minimum of 3 years to create Center of Excellence and execute continuous training programme by Enthu Tech.
  • Sets a framework with the institution for the procurement of the industry standard hardware and software tools marketed by Enthu Tech.
  • Makes available a pool of trained engineers for hiring by Enthu Tech or Enthu Tech’s customers who use similar software and hardware.
  • Helps Enthu Tech’s goal of proliferating the usage of DSP, VLSI, IoT, LoRa and PCB related domains in institutions for learning.


Sponsorship Details for 3 Years MoU

Year / Sem

Sposorship/ Benefits to your Institutions

Recuirement from your Institution

1 / ODD

  • Sponsorship of Basic IoT Lab by Enthu Tech
  • Organizing Make-a-thon for Students

Committing towards arranging 7 to 8 days of training per semester for any batch of students or even for mixed batch of students or faculties on Recent technologies (Refer attached Enthu Academy - Hand book for List of Training programme).

1 / Even

  • Conducting Technical Interviews and appointing Students as Intern at Enthu Tech
  • Consultancy Projects to Faculty Team & Other Supports.

2 / ODD

  • Enhancement of Basic IoT Lab by Enthu Tech
  • Organizing Make-a-thon for Students

2 / Even

  • Conducting Technical Interviews and appointing Students as Intern at Enthu Tech
  • Consultancy Projects to Faculty Team & Other Supports.

3 / ODD

  • Enhancement of Basic IoT Lab by Enthu Tech
  • Organizing Make-a-thon for Students

3 / Even

  • Conducting Technical Interviews and appointing Students as Intern at Enthu Tech
  • Consultancy Projects to Faculty Team & Other Supports.


  1. Institute can avail any benefits as mentioned above in “Benefits to your Institution” based on your need.
  2. No. of Days for conducting workshops / VAC / FDP can be shared between any batch of students or even with Faculty Batch.
  3. Minimum 15 days of training is to be arranged by the institution for an academic year.
  4. Certificates and Rewards Supported by Enthu Tech.






ETS-University Program Offered Price


Hands-On Training Sessions for Max 50 Students/Batch

Rs.15000/- Day

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Payment Terms: 100 % payment at the end of Session
  2. Batch Size: 3 Participants/Batch
  3. Hardware/Software: Provided at No additional Cost (Returnable)
  4. Training Topics: Refer Enthu Academy – Handbook (Attached)
  5. Accommodation: Guest House for Trainers  from the Institute