Energy Meter Solutions

LoRaWAN Energy Meter Solutions capable of monitoring and billing the Energy Consumption automatically without human Intervention. Also having option to cut-off when bill is not paid on time.



Available in Retrofit Option suitable for Existing Energy meter

Automated Billing

Bills can be generated automatically 

Tariff Management

Peak and off-peak tariff management

Remote Management

Meter can be cut-off / On remotely 

Low Cost

Low Cost solution with better profit 

Long Life

Designed to serve a long life in the field

Historic Data

Registers historic billing data

User Friendly Application 

User Friendly Mobile and Web application

Use Cases


Suitable for all own/Rented Houses


Suitable for all apartments


Suitable for all Industry grade meters deployed in multiple location


Suitable for rented shops to cut-off meter when Rent/ Electricity Bill is not paid


Suitable for Malls those who were using sub metering for multiple shops


Suitable for OYO Rooms, PG hostels and other Rooms those who were using sub metering concept

Technical Specification

Retrofit Energy Meter

Smart Energy Meter

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