Dragino LPS8 - Helium Data-Only Hotspot (IN865)

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    LPS8 gateway support Data Transfer Rewards in Helium, But it doesn't support for PoC mining in Helium. Any HNT or Crypto Mining is 100% under the Risk of Buyer and Enthu Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. is No where giving assurance of HNT or any Crypto currency. Before Purchase read all the Description, FAQ & Terms and Conditions given below

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    Attention! Dragino Hotspots will only mine HNT through packet transfer, and is considered a Data Only Hotspot. The ability to mine HNT with anything other than Approved Hotspots is not currently supported. Please join the #gateway-development channel in the Helium Discord Server for the latest updates. For more details visit:

    Dragino LSP8, is a Helium Data-Only Hotspot (will mine by Data Transfer), and it is NOT a Helium approved miner hotspot.

    Please refer to the Helium roadmap here:

    Please refer to this video for more information about this device and how it compares to a full miner:

    For more technical information, please refer to the Helium page referencing these devices:

    Dragino Guide:

    Helium Guide:

    Helium Blog:

    Data Only Hotspots:

    Light Hotspots:

    The LPS8 is an open source LoRaWAN Gateway. It lets you bridge LoRa wireless network to an IP network via WiFi or Ethernet. The LoRa wireless allows users to send data and reach extremely long ranges at low data-rates. The LPS8 uses Semtech packet forwarder and fully compatible with LoRaWAN protocol. It includes a SX1308 LoRa concentrator, which provide 10 programmable parallel demodulation paths. LPS8 has pre-configured standard LoRaWAN frequency bands to use for different countries. User can also customized the frequency bands to use in their own LoRa network.

    LoRa Spec:

    ·        1 x SX1308 + 2 x 1257 LoRa Tranceiver 

    General Specification:

    ·        10M/100M RJ45 Ports x 1

    ·        1 x 2.4G WiFi (802.11 bgn)

    ·        1 x USB host port

    ·        Power Input via USB Type-C: 5V, 2A


    ·        Open Source OpenWrt system

    ·        Managed by Web GUI, SSH via LAN or WiFi

    ·        Emulates 49x LoRa demodulators

    ·        LoRaWAN Gateway

    ·        10 programmable parallel demodulation paths


    ·        Smart Buildings & Home Automation

    ·        Logistics and Supply Chain Management

    ·        Smart Metering

    ·        Smart Agriculture

    ·        Smart Cities

    ·        Smart Factory


    FAQ about Dragino Gateway for Helium 

    FAQ1. Mining ability of LPS8 , DLOS8, LIG16,LG308. LIG16
    The current gateway model LPS8 / DLOS8, LIG16, LG308 are not Full Hotspot or Light Hotspot for Helium. User can use these gateway model as LoRaWAN Gateway and transfer data to Helium. These gateways support Data Transfer Rewards in Helium, But they DOESN'T support PoC mining in Helium.

    Detail of DATA-ONLY hotspot please check this link:
    As per this link, data-only hotspot can earn HNT by transfer data in milestone2. 

    FAQ2: What is the current status for Dragino Full Hotspot and Light HotSpot
    HP0D is the current model under process for Helium. 

    FAQ3: Can pre-order Dragino Full Hotspot HP0D now? 
    We are not allowed to accept Pre-order yet. Once we have some progress, we will update in below channels.  
    1) Discord channel(Invitation will never Expired):
    2) Dragino Telegram channel:
    3) EnthuTech Telegram Channel: